Nicely redone craftsman home needed nicely done garden design to match. Owner wanted an arbor over the existing picket fence entry gate, flowering shrubs and a variety of foliage color and texture. This desire for foliage color and texture served us well in the super shadey side garden patio dominated by bamboo. This old neglected patio was chopped up by 2 random brick planters (see ‘before’ photo). The existing paving was not a good match for the craftsman style house, however, it was, like the bamboo, not going to be changed. So we kept one planter and remodeled it to provide seating and separation from the dining area. The remodeled style added bench seating and helped the paving look more up-to-date. The wood seat matched the existing deck thus tying all of the hardscape elements together beautifully. We had a custom green wall built on a blank wall. This living wall art is the pièce de résistance.

In the front, an arbor needed to blend with existing picket fence and draw attention to the architectural details of the house without overwhelming. Both gate and detailing on front porch included arc shapes, so the arbor became a gentle arc too. The arched arbor also gave a nod to Asian arched gates which tied nicely with the bamboo found in the side patio. Long-blooming Euryops, lavender, Hotlips Salvia and Iceberg roses were used  along with Ceanothus under the oaks for spring bloom and Pyracantha along fence for brilliant fall berry display.  Americana craftsman with Asian notes – we did it!

Designed by Plant Joy

Landscape contracting by Cicileo Landscapes

Arbor & green wall by Iain Garner, Garner Construction