This property was a clean slate for Plant Joy. At the time of design the owners were anticipating renovating then selling. In cases like this I want to choose plant material based on what will be blooming during the season that the property is on the market. Plants have to look good instantly. Not all plants like to be transplanted from a pot into the ground so you don’t want to use them in a situation such as this. Also you want to spend your money on large-sized containers. This is not the time to plant 1 gallon shrubs and wait for them to grow, which is a great idea for homeowners on a budget. But for this project we wanted instant landscape.

Succulents speak contemporary and environmentally-conscious as does small lawn areas (using low water lawn of course). As a corner property I needed a focal point on the corner but didn’t want it to compete with a dramatic planting at the front entry. A large specimen olive tree does the trick and stands between the setting sun and the house, thus reducing afternoon heat. River rock and a contrasting gravel add to the aesthetic while reducing water use. The contemporary pavers paired nicely with the white wood elements and the texture and color of the succulents. All in all, the curb appeal was stunning. Owners kept the house!

Designed by Plant Joy

Landscape Contracting by Randy Wilson Landscaping