“I want a mini San Ysidro Ranch” stated the client who happened to be a savvy artist, author and designer herself. Thus was born a dynamic duo in this total redo of a new property whose landscape had been stripped bare:  The homeowner and I being the dynamic design duo. In my estimation the real San Ysidro Ranch has botanical complexity in a garden structure that has clean clear lines. In the front we decided against any lawn areas instead choosing gravel and beds because this San Roque front yard was going to have to be the entry garden and the growing gardens due to the southern exposure. When a client wants raised beds in a front yard, my first thought is how do we keep this operation tidy and not an eyesore in the off-season? We did this by keeping pretty beds quite separate from production beds. A bistro table acts as a design bridge between pretty and production. It can be a place to work or to rest. Riotous, complex beds have clear clean defined edges. And the second set of wood steps perfectly join the porch, with shaded seating, to the landscape. White picket fence with 3 lollipop citrus provide additional structure and strong curb appeal. Large natural flagstone widens the driveway to allow for vehicular door swing as does the gravel walkway at street. (This is one of my pet peeves as a designer – no room to open my car door!)

Designed by Plant Joy

Landscape Contracting by Cold Springs Landscapes