Owner wanted lots of flowers and no more lawn. After installing a decomposed granite walkway at curb and driveway to allow for door swing (my pet-peeve), we installed low water ground cover. This provided negative space against which a deep flower bed was set. Existing stone was used to edge the beds. A specimen Pygmy Date Palm stayed, along with a few English Jasmine (a type of fragrant Jasmine in shrub form) and volunteer Alstroemeria coming up everywhere which we embraced. Long blooming Biokova Geraniums, Shasta Daisy, Society Garlic and more Alstroemeria of a different color and height created a front border. The 2 spiral Junipers provided strong counter balance to the palm. A textury Cape Rush gave pop at front entry archway. A large rock added seating, visual interest and a climbing enticement for grandchildren. Owner reports that pedestrians routinely stop to admire the garden.

Designed by Plant Joy

Landscape contracting by Jaime Lopez Landscaping & Maintenance